Varifocal Glasses

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Varifocal Glasses

I am pleased to announce that our new Varifocal Glasses range is now launched.

However, due to the demand for the time being they are only available through this page. I will of course be adding the links to the main web site but if I was to do this straight away I would be overwhelmed with orders for varifocal glasses.

As mentioned in my previous post on varifocal glasses the way in which we supply varifocal lenses is a little more complex than out standard lenses so here’s how it works.

First make your selection from the two ranges we have launched (Gants Varifocal Glasses & Ladies Varifocal Glasses). Order your glasses in the normal way using your prescription.

When we receive your order we will send you an empty frame with “dummy” lenses in them and a pre paid return envelope.

You will then need to have a friend take a photograph of you wearing the frames and return the glasses and photograph in the pre paid envelope.

We will then scale the photo, take the measurements and glaze your new varifocal glasses. Instructions are supplied with the glasses.

However, If you have any questions regarding this service please leave a comment and I will try to answer them for you.

Click Here To View Our New Varifocal Ranges

Many Thanks
Mark Bowden

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35 Responses to “Varifocal Glasses”

  1. CHRIS LEE Says:

    Very pleased to know that you will be able to provide varifocal lens. I will be in contact with you when permitted.
    Chris Lee.

  2. Jim Watt Says:

    Delighted to learn that varifocals are now available.

  3. jean prewett Says:

    Hi! Mark,
    glad to hear about the varifocals, do you keep a record of our prescription from previous specs.please?

  4. Brisn Le Boutillier Says:

    Thanks for your e-mail but we had to go to Jersey and get some, but will keep you in mind for another day.

  5. Mark Bowden Says:

    Thank you Jean

    Yes we should do give us a ring on 0800 1691734 and we will have a look for you.

    Mark Bowden

  6. Dave Hutton Says:

    Great news on the vari focal ussue Mark.
    I,ll be in touch as soon as I get a new prescription.
    Thanks again

  7. Shirley Williams Says:

    Hi Mark,
    Pleased to hear about the Varifocals being available online, will be in touch at a later date.


  8. Trevor Says:

    Great I’m getting my eyes tested at the weekend and will check your frames later

  9. Trevor Says:

    I work all dat at a computer and have heard that varifocals can be made to make viewing the screen easier by allowing a wider field of vision. Can you make those?

  10. Trevor Says:

    I should have typed day - looks as if I need new specs!!!

  11. edward vincent Says:

    glad to hear about the varifocals Mike, as soon as i need to change i will be in touch. thanks.

  12. Mil Says:

    I will need a new prescription in the near future but will certainly be interested when I’m ready. Keep us posted!

  13. MARGI Says:


  14. Stephanie Says:

    This is great news as I need new specs very soon - but can you still only cope with +/- 6.00? I’m afraid I need stronger than that!

  15. Mark Bowden Says:

    Thank you Stephanie

    Give us a call on 0800 1691734 with your prescription. We can go a little higher as we will be able to acuratly measure the centres.

    Many Thanks
    Mark Bowden

  16. Jean Says:

    Thanks for the info. I will be in touch when I get my new prescription in 2-3 months.

  17. Mary Feagan Says:

    Hi Mark,

    So pleased to learn that you can now supply varifocals

    Will be in touch shortly.


    Mary Feagan

  18. brenda white Says:

    I will also be in touch as soon as I need the new prescription. Thaks for keeping us informed. Great contact.

  19. Trevor Moss Says:

    I work all day at a computer and have heard that varifocals can be made to make viewing the screen easier by allowing a wider field of vision. Can you make those?

  20. Mark Bowden Says:

    Thank you Trevor

    Our preium varifocals have a wider vision corridor. However they are still not ideal for all day at the computer.

    There is an occupational varifocal on the market which will have your intermediate prescription in the top blending through to your reading prescription. However, they can only be used for office work.

    Other options are to have an intermediate + reading bifocal for work use or maybe just a pair of intermediate single vision lenses.

    Best bet is for you to give us a call on 0800 169 1734

    Many Thanks
    Mark Bowden

  21. Mike G Says:


    Very interested, and left a note on the other string.

    Maybe a problem, though. My prescription is

    Eye Sphere Cylinder Axis
    r +2.75 -5.25 90
    l +1.75 -4.75 85

    Dist accuity ???

    R 6/7.5
    L 6/6


    Can you confirm one way or the other please.


  22. Maurice Peters Says:

    Hi Mark,I write to thank you for your excellent service in the supply of my varifocal prescription.When I first visited your website I was a little sceptical about your claims of no quibble guarantee as it appeared to be too good to be true but after our little problem with my initial order for bi-focals you have fullfilled your promise and supplied excellent varifocals in record time and at a price that could not be bettered.I would like to assure anyone who is sceptical about ordering glasses on the internet that your company is the one to chose as you deliver what you advertise.I wish you every success with your new varifocal service and I for one could not fault it.

    Many Thanks, M.Peters Glastonbury. Somerset

  23. Mark Bowden Says:

    Dear Mike

    Thank you.

    Yes I am afraid the CYL part of the prescription is slightly over what I would consider to be correct to supply online.

    If you are local to Bolton I am sure we can help on a face to face basis but not online.

    Many Thanks
    Mark Bowden

  24. Anne Says:

    I would be interested in buying varifocal glasses from you but If I took my own photograph via my webcam would that do for measuring?
    My experience lately with both opticians in the area I live is quite hostile when I wont purchase my glasses from them.
    I am therefor a bit reluctant to go back to either of them. The price of my last pair of varifocals was nearly £400. and I just do not have that kind of money as I am now retired. These were bought from an opticians in Stirling and I have been very happy with them but my eyes have changed in the last three tests but as I could see with these ones have not changed them, hence the hostility from the local opticians.

    I look forward to buying my glasses from you when I have plucked up the courage to go to another optician.
    It puts one in a vunerable position while in the Opticians and forces many people into buying glasses they might not want.

    Thanks for allowing me to give my opinion





  26. Mark Bowden Says:

    Thank you Gordon

    Yes this is right some companies will also supply them without a PD.

    As we have always said averages can be used and you may get lucky. However, we feel it is unethical and inacurate to supply varifocals in any other way other than a scalable photograph used to take acurate measurments.

    If we did although many would be happy with there glasses, many would return them.

    Also, our goverining body the GOC would have a field day and take me to town so to speak.

    May advice would be to use companies such as ours that take precautions to ensure acrate centering and hight measurments as you never know one day they may not work out for you and depending on the company your money may be lost.

    Hope this explains a little further for you and thank you for your comment.

    Mark Bowden

  27. Gordon Cooke Says:

    Hi Mark,
    Us oldies need more than the youth of today. Varifocals are necessary now and very expensive to buy over the counter. My last pair cost me 756€ so your service means i can afford a new pair.

    Thanks, Gordon

  28. nigel mccann Says:

    Just placed an order if all goes well I have just saved 45% on high street prices….my wife will be pleased…….shall keep you posted on satisfaction level

  29. Denise Davies Says:

    Hi Mark,
    I want to say thank you for all the help you’ve given me with regards to the inaccurate prescription given by a local optician. Had I not ordered varifocals on line from you I would have been left with an unuseable pair, but because of your diligence you gave me a new eye test at no cost and replaced the lenses with the correct prescription at your own expense. I cannot thank you enough and will contine to use your service and recommend you to all family, friends and others who ask where I get my glasses from. Plus the price is well below half compared to High Street opticians.

  30. marcelle Says:

    Hi Mark, can you tell me if varifocals are available in any other ranges then the ones pictured ?

  31. Ivan Says:

    What is the difference between standard and premium varifocals. And are you able to tell me which type may suit a particular person.

    I bought my current pair of bi-focals from you 2 years back and am very pleased with the cost, usage and service. the only comment I have to make is that as this was my first pair of bi-focals I do at times find the split in the lens very anoying hence my interest to try out varifocals.

    Have just had an eye test so hope to place an order soon.

  32. ROD Says:


  33. Mark Bowden Says:

    Marcelle - thanks for the comment; we have now added a “graphic code” to depict which frames are suitable for varifocal lenses

  34. Mark Bowden Says:

    Ivan - “premium” varifocals have a “short corridoor” which means they can be much shallower lenses, hence fitting into more “modern” shallow frames that are popular now.

  35. Mark Bowden Says:

    Rod - this should not happen - take them back (or if you got them from us , send them to me and I will look at them for you)

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